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Hi there,

My father in law has just had a below-knee leg amputation and until he is ready for his prosthesis he's going to be wheelchair bound. After only 2 days of light wheeling about the need for gloves has become very apparent. I've had a look around all the usual places and the general consensus seems to be padded versions of either cycling gloves or weight lifting gloves are popular. I know there are gloves designed specifically for wheelchair use but I haven't found much in the way of user reviews/advice for these. Most resources I've found are a few years old and reviews seem mixed across the board so I wondered if anyone here could share any experiences or recommendations?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Scott

asked Apr 02 '13 at 04:07

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For hard pushing in hard terrain that isn't snow and ice, I prefer deerskin roper work gloves - as light as possible, but selected primarily for fit. Roper gloves tend to be heavier than needed - if I could find deerskin driving, curling or other lighter gloves to try on, I would probably prefer those. In warm weather I'll use bicycle or other leather-palmed fingerless gloves in easier (urban) terrain.

In the winter time, leather gloves don't have enough grip, and they don't insulate well enough. I've used rubber-dipped cotton gloves which grip well enough, but don't do a great job of staying dry. Lately I've adopted a house brand known as Dakota Tarantula which grip well but stay drier and warmer. Both were found by going to a supplier of blue collar work wear and asking for gloves that people wear to work outdoors in cold weather but maintain dexterity.


answered May 08 '13 at 13:44

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