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I'm looking for time tracking, task tracking, or attention tracking apps that are useful enough that you found you stuck with them for at least a year - and that they changed your behavior for good. What works?

asked May 05 '13 at 17:05

Kevin%20Kelly's gravatar image

Kevin Kelly

I have been using Workflowy constantly for almost two years. It is a simple but powerful site/app that allows you to build lists within indented lists. You can annotate an item, mark it as complete or add new items under it, making it a new parent node. If you're a real wizard, you can easily share a node in your lists with someone else in R/RW mode via email, so a friend can add your list to their lists. Incredible tool, free to use with a suggested $30/year donation at www.workflowy.com — thank me later!

1 year, 8 months ago
Pete%20Forde's gravatar image Pete Forde

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I like Trello a lot for task management (especially for teams), but for time/attention tracking check out RescueTime


answered May 12 '13 at 23:39

sixside's gravatar image


I have been using Things for a few years, almost every day, on my iPhone and Macbook, auto-synching at home through wifi. It is a nice compromise between simple and thorough.


answered May 16 '13 at 10:46

CXC's gravatar image


My answer is that I like GroceryIQ (apps and website) for shopping lists. You can have permanent lists for different categories of stores, and then temp lists. It's pretty robust, there's a big userbase, and it's never crashed.

For ToDo's I use Google Tasks on the web (inside Google Calendar as well as in a separate tab), which syncs beautifully with GoTasks on iOS. My workflow is so much better than before with this setup. For long-term lists and ideas, I use the very attractive "Clear" app on iOS and OS X. (GoTasks is indeed free, as someone mentioned, but please throw him a fiver or more).

I'm trying to use Evernote (web clipper and app on my mac, and the iOS app), but after a couple of years I'm only now gradually getting in the groove with it.

LastPass is the indispensable password manager I'm using, and it has worked brilliantly.

Lastly, Write Space is a Chrome locally-saved, offline, temporary text editor which looks great and helps me create text in a distraction-free, full screen way. I love it.


answered Jun 17 '13 at 04:13

Via's gravatar image


Here are my "permanent" apps on my Samsung Stratospher 'droid

1) Google's GMail app 2) Google Calendar app 3) Flashlight 4) App from my local CU for making deposits using the phone's camera 6) Tripit (basic) 7) Google Maps 8) Gasbuddy 9) ATM Finder (finds ATM's nearby your current location which don't charge fees) 10) TuneIn Radio (pro version) 11) GEICO (for the insurance card coverage verification) 12) Skype


answered Jun 17 '13 at 07:39

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