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I am currently working as a consultant for a company in the tourism/travel/leisure sector. Sometimes I have to sit to the side of one of their users and ask them to work through the steps they have to follow while using a legacy system (partially exposed via web, partially via character interface).

I noticed that what I tend to do is to take notes on a notepad, and supplement these with screenshots I ask the user to take, or just shoot with my iPhone.

Considering I also have an Android tablet which so far I haven't found much use for, I was wondering if there is an app (either iOS or Android) that could allow me to take notes (typed via keyboard), interspersed with pictures taken with the device camera, and annotated with freehand writings, doodles, drawings, all as a single document (a sort of vertically infinite scrolling sheet) and finally export it to some sane document format to postprocess on a desktop.

Thanks for any suggestions.

asked Aug 04 at 00:04

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Evernote lets you take notes and insert drawings, photographs and audio clips. The best part is it will synchronize between all your devices, so your notes will appear on your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. The software is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, and your notes can also be accessed through their website.

The basic service is free, but if you have a lot of notes, want to use multiple online notebooks or need to sync a lot of data, you might consider getting a premium account, which costs $45 per year (if you're using it primarily for work, this is probably a tax-deductible expense).


answered Aug 04 at 09:37

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Captain Packrat

@Captain Packrat... Looks like I had the solution under my eyes the whole time. I will experiment a bit with Evernote, at a first glance it looks it fills the bill quite nicely.


4 months, 2 weeks ago
Pamar's gravatar image Pamar
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