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My earbuds keep falling out, and my over the top headphones don't stay on. I would also prefer ones that can handle a fair amount of sweat.

asked Jul 20 '11 at 15:21

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I've been using the Sennheiser PMX series of headphones for running over the last few years. I've gone through a couple sets of them during that time, but they still have kept up very well. My favorites are the PMX80s (http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-PMX80-Sport-Behind-Earphones/dp/B001GT185K/). I've not had any issue with them. The sound is of good quality and they hold in well while running.

A couple nits I've had: 1.The plastic covers over the drivers can come off so you need to be careful. 2. They seal extremely well to your ears, however, sometimes sweat gets behind them and makes a crackling noise until you get the sweat out of your ear. (I've mostly only had this problem when on a treadmill instead of outside). The sweat itself hasn't damaged the headphones at all though.

Besides those issues, I've been very pleased with these headphones.


answered Jul 27 '11 at 16:32

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Sony Ultra Lightweight Vertical In-the-Ear Headphones ($7.68) are awesome. I have been using them for years. I think the model number changes sometimes but they've been available since I can remember. After they've been used continuously for about a year, sometimes the cord on one side seems to get loose and you can no longer hear out of one ear, but then replacing it costs less than $10. They are so cheap you don't feel bad about getting them sweaty (they don't have any soft parts either), they don't fall off because they have a headband, and the sound actually goes into your ears instead of outward for everyone to hear (they are good for plane travel and not disturbing your neighbors too).


answered Jul 28 '11 at 07:25

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I use the Sennheiser Adidas CX 680i Sports headphones. They have stood up to months of trail running, mountain biking and hiking. They stick in your ear nicely, and they have these (removable) rubber hook things that fit on the inside of your ear.


I have broken so many pairs of ear buds, and most of them stunk for running or working out. These have been really good for me.



answered Aug 01 '11 at 19:30

xjoex's gravatar image


Motorola S10-HD are stereo bluetooth headphones. Once you go cordless, have essential controls right at your fingertips (ears), you will no go back. They strike a good balance of sound insulation and being aware of your surrounding. Batteries are last long enough to be a non-factor unless you leave for multiple days and cannot charge there.


answered Aug 02 '11 at 06:28

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I don't run, but my wife (who is a runner) likes in-ear headphones the best. Note these are not the same as ear buds, which rest in the cup of the ear; they sit inside the ear canal instead, and as such are much better situated to withstand ejection.


answered Jul 27 '11 at 14:40

Bill%20Horvath%20II's gravatar image

Bill Horvath II

I've found that Sony MDR-J10's handle sweat well and sound alright. Not for audiophile runners, but I'm guessing audiophile headphones don't handle the wear and tear that these stand up to. They stay in my ears well enough, but will break away if the cord gets caught in my uncoordinated thumbs while running.


answered Aug 01 '11 at 12:30

triple_e's gravatar image


I find myself quickly annoyed by most headphones I've tried but had good luck with the Philips SHS8100/28 Earhook Headphones. The audio quality is perfectly adequate and the bass isn't overbaked. More importantly, they aren't displaced at all by the sometimes jarring movements necessary when hopping curbs, etc. A word of caution about running in the city though.. these seal really well and make ambient noises (approaching traffic, bikes, etc) harder to hear. A few extra glances around your shoulder are advised.


answered Aug 01 '11 at 12:45

mebejoe's gravatar image


I really like yurbuds. They fit over top of existing headphones, though most of the options that you can purchase from the website come with a pair of in-ear earbuds. They twist in and have never fallen out on me. I just upgraded to the ironman version recently and have never fiddled with them once I start running. I run half marathons and did a full marathon earlier in the year, in the rain, and had no issues with my music the whole time training and running the race.

If you run regularly in races, they are often at many of the expo shows that happen before the race and will be willing to let you try a pair on. They have sizes in the blue/pink versions, but the ironman have a softer gel that fits with any size ear.


answered Aug 01 '11 at 17:05

Allen%20Reinmeyer's gravatar image

Allen Reinmeyer

Jaybird JF3 Freedom bluetooth wirelsss earbuds - great sound: deep rich bass and high mid range sound. I dont use them for running, but I use them for all the P90X workouts. Based on this experience I would recommend for running since they stay in place (without earhooks) which allow you to wear sunglasses at the same time.


answered Aug 01 '11 at 19:10

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I've been wanting to get in on these IRONBUDS Kickstarter project for a while... seem like they would be perfect for running.


answered Aug 01 '11 at 21:25

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