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  • I am a new homeowner who has a moist basement. I have an area to keep a dehumidifier plugged in and drain right into the sump pump. I'm asking for the best dehumidifier and/or the best value (quality per cost). I'd like it to be mostly silent (but not totally necessary as the basement is only half finished and no one sleeps down there) and as eco friendly as possible.

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    Question by g0d5m15t4k3

I bought Frigidaire 70-pint FAD704DWD and until now it still working fine even 3 years, and I voted it. This kind may be one of best dehumidifier for basement

Answer by jimmyjohn

Hello, this is a bit late but I thought I could add to the answer above.

We recently bought the Meaco Low Energy (on the recommendation of this site https://choosedehumidifier.co.uk/refrigerant/meaco-low-energy/) for pretty much the exact purpose you describe. Our basement was extremely damp and needed to be dry, but we didn’t want to waste too much energy because no-one really goes down there.

The Meaco dried out the basement in a few days and then maintains it at a constant humidity (we keep this fairly high but low enough to reduce condensation). Plus it has a drainage hose feature which it sounds like you need. We definitely recommend it!



Answer by ivancaul2
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