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  • I am the custodian of several thousand family photos. I would like to scan them for other family members, but the sheer magnitude of the job is off-putting. I'm looking for a scanner with the following qualifications: - auto feed - reasonable speed - good quality image - easy on the budget Does anyone have a scanner they can recommend?

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    Question by bigskyguy

Bought a VP500 Epson scanner recently, refurb from the manufacturer. Same situation as yourself. 99 bucks. Plenty good enough for family photos. And simple to use. I listen to the radio while scanning. Probably have hundreds of prints to do. Can do maybe two hundred a day depending on the resolution.

NOT auto feed. If your photos are anything like mine there are many sizes. So it's manual. But still moderately speedy if you get in the groove.

Answer by riverdee

I did a bunch of research on this and it looked like a good deal, well recommended, was Scan Cafe. Apparently people have had no trouble with the set up: the stuff gets sent to INDIA ! There it is hand scanned. You get an online set for review and are allowed to dismiss/reject a certain percentage and only pay for the ones you check to keep. Charge is per-each, or they have a special deal where they send you a box that you fill with whatever was in Aunt Maisie's desk: photos, negatives, slides-- and they scan it all for you. When I get to the family slides, this is what I'll do (the per-each way). But if you have more money than time, and inherited a shoebox of stuff, this would also work, sounds like.

Answer by maraiah
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