• sae/metric thread gauge set?

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  • A durable and accurate set of thread gauges for a decent price from a maker who treats workers fairly. No slave labor products, please!

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    Question by bugmenot

I recently visited a machinist friend at his shop and noticed his wall mounted thread gauge - similar to this one on Amazon: Thread Checker Wall Mounted I had difficulty on finding a replacement bolt and the thread checker confirmed the bolt size. An alternate would be gauges made by Vermont American.

Answer by gryhze

I have a thread gauge tool that is basically a string of individual pieces that have nuts on one side, and a bolt on the other, all on a wire cable, that came from McMaster: http://www.mcmaster.com/#20375A14 These are durable, have 23 different sizes, are available in metric or SAE and run about $30 for a set.

Rockler makes a nice looking set as well: http://www.rockler.com/product.cfm?page=21999 It only has 11 sizes, runs about $15, and also have metric and SAE versions.

I'm not sure about "no slave labor", because it doesn't say where either is manufactured though!

Answer by shroppy

Sears Craftsman. Good price - lifetime guarentee - available everywhere.

Answer by keith
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