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  • Hi This is Mary Findley, owner of Mary Moppins. My mop was submitted to you several years ago and has been on your website and now is in your catalog. First of all I would like to thank you for putting my mop on your website and in your catalog. I've received several orders the past two weeks so it is popular! I would love to send you a sample of my mop and a copy of my book The Complete Idiot's Guide to Green Cleaning as my way of saying thank you since you do not charge a fee to be in your catalog.

    I just purchased a catalog from Amazon and would like to add your catalog to my website to sell. Is that allowed? And if so what is the discount for purchasing quantities of the catalog? Or do you prefer to sell through Amazon? My web address is www.goclean.com if you want to verify my site.

    Finally if you are interested in having a cleaning expert on board to answer cleaning questions for a blog or to submit articles for a blog, I would be honored to do that.

    Thank you for taking time to review my requests. I look forward to hearing from you.

    For a greener tomorrow, Mary Findley 541-607-9498

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    Question by marymoppins
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