• Sharing internet connection to my neighbor can they can access my time capsule?

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  • Hi I am sharing internet connection with my neighbor wirelessly and I have a bad signal Ive read that you can buy airport extreme to boost the connection and I plan to do that and also planing to change the router to airport extreme base station. My other concerns are I have time capsule wireless connected to the internet (I used it for my time machine) and a printer also wifi connected my questions are If I have this express airport extreme and I connectedly wired my time capsule and printer to it. Can they still see me in the "shared" ? What worries me is they can access my time capsule and my hard drive that are connected to it. they had accidentally print something to my wireless printer. What is the best set up so that I can secured my part? please let me know thanks

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    Question by joan

There's an option available to you when setting up your AirPort Extreme to set up a Guest network. If you do this and allow your neighbor to login only through the guest network they will have access to your Internet connection but not to anything on your private network. It's very easy to set up.

Answer by davinci

I agree with Davinci. If you still have any doubt and concert then you should contact to Router Technical support Expert. Sure they will help you in this.

Support for Netgear Router

Answer by henryperry
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