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  • I've tried a variety of cleaning products to remove hard water stains from my tub and tiled walls. I am either not strong enough to use the required force, or they are simply not effective. I'm 70 years old, and my tub has a couple of years of accumulated hard water deposits. Can you make a recommendation?

    By the way, I love your cool tools section! I learn so much from it!

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    Question by kcall

This is a request for more info: what have you tried, so no one recommends something that hasn't worked for you? Off the top of my head, I'd suggest CLR first.

Answer by christopher

I'd suggest CLR first, but you might have already tried the obvious.

Answer by christopher

I've tried CLR with some success at full strength. I need something a little stronger. I've used the common household stuff you buy in the grocery store as well, with no success at all.

Answer by kcall

Visit your local commercial janitorial supply store. Household/consumer products might not be enough to dissolve the stains. Professional grade products might be in order.

Answer by gryhze

Distilled white vinegar...The buildup is a combination of mineral salts(alkaline) and soap(alkaline).The acidic vinegar will break down both... Put it in a spray bottle, spray it on (a lot), let it sit over night. Hop in the shower the next morning with a scotch-brite or equivilant and scrub away. Repeat as necessary... Vinegar is the best all round household cleaner I've ever found (cheap + or - $3/gallon),safe (non-toxic) and versatile... Save your money and your health and the environment, and quit buying the toxic/expensive corporate chemical crap. Vinegar smells a little strong at first, but dissapates in minutes.

Answer by wyldr1

Get a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and throw out all the chemicals. This is all you need. It will make your shower sparkle.

Answer by nancyj

If you have accumulated a lot of soap scum in the tub over many years you'll have to leave the vinegar solution in the tub for a while. I'd suggest at least overnight. 3 parts water to 1 part white vinegar and leave overnight, you shouldn't need to do any scrubbing.

Answer by richardk

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Answer by david

I’d suggest CLR first, but you might have already tried that. Also try vinegar. Leave the vinegar solution in the tub for a while.  Two parts water to 1 part white vinegar and leave overnight, you shouldn’t need to do any scrubbing. You can also visit this website link for a bunch of fantastic shower ideas.

Answer by ricker2
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