• Sort photos on a NAS into folders by date?

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  • I am unsure if I can ask software based questions here but here goes... I have a NAS and several gigs of unsorted photos. Is there any free / cheap software out there (I use win/osx/linux) I can use to automatically go through all of my photos and sort them onto date named folders? I have tried date tree of osx but it came up with more than 4000 unsorted photos.. My preferences are for a simple dedicated soft a opposed to some sort of photoshop/lightroom/aperture type soft. Thanks, K.

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    Question by kibodwin

googleing I found this and will take a look through their list.


Answer by kibodwin

I'd be tempted to write a script to do this (in Python). It would certainly be dedicated software, but it probably wouldn't be what everyone would do.

The "os", "datetime" and "shutil" modules built into Python would take care of almost all your needs - os.listdir() to get the paths to the photos, os.path.getctime() to get the creation time of a given file and datetime.strftime() to get the modification times into strings you can write new directories with. It might take half an hour.

Answer by willyyam

I've been using DIM http://www.alanlight.com/dim/Dim.htm for years now. It pulls the images of my sd card and sorts accordingly. I don't see why it wouldn't work from the NAS to sort them. It allows you to create folders based on Year/Month/Day. Very simple and purpose driven.

Answer by daneelolivaw

Thank you will for the solution with Python but it would defiantly take me a lot more than 1/2 an hour! I might get a friend who programs to take a look if Dan's Dim doesn't work out. This Dim solution looks good, thanks Dan for this. If I find something else I will post for others to read. K.

Answer by kibodwin

Sorry Dan but Dim does not seem to want to work with mapped drives on osx. I will try on a linux box to see but if anyone has any other ideas that would be great! =)

Answer by kibodwin
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