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  • Do you have any recommendations/pointers on soundproofing?

    It sounds basic, but it's harder than one might think. My wife and I rent for now. We lived in San Francisco, NYC, and now Boston. Landlords buy the cheapest materials to build the houses and only patch them. Therefore, lowest sound proofing.

    Problems with most sound proofing:

    • Too heavy to put on the ceiling (e.g. Mass Loaded Vinyl -- 1 lb/sqft!)
    • Too gaudy to hang anywhere (e.g. foam panels)
    • Too invasive to install (e.g. Mass Loaded Vinyl subflooring)
    • Alternatives are noise-reducing at best

    What would be perfect:

    • Lightweight rolls of insulation (e.g. soundproof tape)
    • But very inexpensive since it won't be permanent (that tape is $14/roll!)

    This site is great: soundproofing.org, but I can't find anything on just basic, rental-type of homes.

    We have lived in many rentals. Each seems to have some version of this problem. So, I'm sure we are not alone.

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    Question by wsutton
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