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  • I'd like to find an extension cord (US AC power, grounded) that's got an outlet on its plug - specifically so I can unplug a cord from an outlet, slip this in between and, of course, have more usable outlets at the other end of the cord, without complicating what's already in place.

    I've had a few equipment cords that provided a way to stack plugs, but they were only 6' and weren't extensions. They were pretty sweet though.

    I know I could use a Cube Tap & and normal extension cord, but I'm hoping to find something simple & integrated for normal household use. Thanks!

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    Question by wayne ruffner

I bought a short cord from Walmart that's meant for plugging bricks into an outlet or power strip. It has a cord about 9 inches long with one outlet on the end and another outlet on the back of the plug. I think it was like $2 and made by Phillips. I haven't seen anything longer than that, but you'd be able to plug a regular extension cord into it.

Answer by Captain Packrat

I know you said that you want an extension cord, but if you’re willing to BYO, Ziotek makes nifty ”power strip liberators” with pass-through plug.

Answer by scott
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