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  • I have a pair of slip-on sketchers that I just LOVE!! They are my favorite pair of shoes and they stink HORRIBLY! So I need some quick and easy way to deodorize my shoes! I am currently in Kansas and I love in Arkansas and my mom is threading to throw them away and get me some different shoes so I need this to be a very quick way to deodorize them! Please I need answers very quick!! THANKS!!:)

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    Question by spence

Try a shot of Lysol disinfecting spray directly onto the shoes. I use Thai crystal deodorant on my feet and that keeps it smelling fresh all day.

Answer by ellie

The odor is caused by bacteria, which will need to be killed. The quickest, cheapest, and least-invasive way to do this is to seal the shoes in a zip-loc bag, and freeze them overnight. This will kill most of the bacteria and the smell.

In the future, if you want to wear shoes without socks, try removable insoles made from sisal fiber (lots on amazon) which can be put in the washing machine when they get funky. Also consider coating your feet in Gold Bond Foot Powder (or similar) to help soak up excess moisture and keep things fresh.

Answer by parkinthepark
Answer by roger knights
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