• Water Purification Usability/Storage Knowledge?

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  • I can find all sorts of devices & "authoritative sources" that cover water purification for emergencies & survival, and I feel more confused than helped.

    Are there a few end-all, be-all authorities that I can learn from to avoid such confusion? I think scenario-based advice & experience ("temporarily disabled infrastructure preparedness" or "what to carry for field replenishment" or "practical day-to-day preparations with minimal maintenance requirements") would be very welcome.

    I'm not looking for zillions of prepper links - I'm hoping for solid, science-based pragmatic thought.

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    Question by wayne r

I think what you're looking for is someone to write the authoritative article on the subject. You clearly don't want to do any of the "prepper" reading on your own, so this question looks like a call for someone to aggregate the entire world of water purification for you into a pamphlet.

It sounds like a terrific pamphlet.

Answer by christopher

http://www.mec.ca/AST/ContentPrimary/Learn/HikingAndCamping/FoodAndWater/ChoosingAWaterTreatmentSystem.jsp Mountain Equipment Coop has a pretty good info section on water purification with backpackers in mind. The basic science is outlined and complemented with the pro and cons of available systems. MEC is a great place for outdoor supplies in Canada, by the way.

Answer by brian hughes
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