• What are the best waterproof winter work gloves

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  • I have been looking for a good waterproof work glove that can be used in wet snow doing firewood or outdoor building during the winter in the North-East. The online reviews of waterproof gloves do not leave one feeling very confidant.

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    Question by menglert

I love these: http://www.ytgloves.com/products.asp?categoryId=40 Waterproof Winter Gloves were awesome for me. They eventually broke down after I used them for three seasons, which is probably a long time. Running shoes break down after six months, so if gloves last you two years it's probably equivalent. I used to recommend Duluth Trading gear, but it tends to be overpriced and they soak you on S&H. You can find Youngstown Gloves on Amazon as well (http://www.amazon.com/Youngstown-Glove-03-3450-80-L-Waterproof-Performance/dp/B0000UJGYG/ref=sr_1_1?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1321540088&sr=1-1)

Answer by christopher

Duluth sells what they call 'snowblower gloves' which have a textured PVC coating on the outside, and a fleece-type lining on the inside. What I like about them especially is that they run a bit longer up my wrist then normal gloves. I used them for everyday outside chores during upstate NY winters (including snowblowing)....they may not have enough articulation for all types of construction tasks, but still worth considering in my opinion.

Answer by mrgripe

I would recommend trying neoprene for something as non-dexterous as firewood. While ice-core drilling in Greenland we would use insulated leather work gloves and change them out as they got too wet to be comfortable.

Answer by sundy58

The Atlas 460 is a pretty good waterproof winter glove. As a commercial fisherman in Alaska that's what we use. Get them a little big and wear a liner underneath. Amazon and others have these gloves.

Answer by sockeye

I certainly recommend my Leather Waterproof Insulated Work Gloves. I was a truck driver for 17 years and these were the best I could find. Unfortunately they weren't sold in any truck stop or hardware, so I was forced to become a distributor for them. You can see them at www.tomstruckshop.com. We sell them for $15.95 plus $6 S & H.

Answer by toms truck shop
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