• What is the best decent portable metal detector?

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  • What is the best decent portable metal detector? Not best, not cheapest. Looking for meteorites, old coins, etc.

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    Question by kevin kelly

I was going to say the White's XLT, but it's been discontinued. Although I have no experience with it's replacement, the MXT E-Series Metal Detector (http://whiteselectronics.com/mxt.html), we have successfully used a number of XLTs over the years to help find non-ferrous unexploded ordnance. The XLT had a good combination of reliability, durability, and reparability. Based on the similar design, I hope the MXT offers similar traits.

Answer by cognosyeti

Cognosyeti, at $800 is the MXT considered a midline, low-end, or top-line model?

Answer by kevin kelly

On a similar question, I posted this suggestion:

If rental stores offer these, try out various brands. Or if you rarely plan to use it, rent out a top brand all the time. (As long as the rental fees are reasonable.)

Answer by roger knights
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