• What is the best small business accounting software?

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  • We use Quickbooks, but it's been 10 years since I last looked at the field. What accounting software do you use for your small business that you would recommend? This would be for an org with 10 people or less. (While I am at it, do you have an online bank you like for a small business?)

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    Question by kevin kelly

For Mac: Easybooks http://easybooksapp.com/. It works on ipad/iPhone too and you can sync the devices which is great for teams. Downside is obviously if you're not using Apple devices, it doesn't work!

Answer by mtancock

Check out Xero.com They have just invaded the US from New Zealand...Its really cool product and can allow you to work virtually with your CPA!

Answer by jody padar

I dumped Quickbooks for Wave Accounting, www.waveapps.com. It's free and allows you to keep a seperate personal household balancesheet so you can replace Quicken if you're using that too. It will export to most formats that you can send to your CPA.

Answer by mjp

I am using QnE Accounting Software :) Do check it out www.qne.com.my

Answer by adrianaaaron

I know little bit about Quickbooks but previous 5 years I use smartcashbook. This have maximum features with small prices. This accounting software is best for a small business, all details of this accounting software are?

Answer by nashir
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