• What is the best USB hub?

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  • I just bought a no-name 4-port USB hub, thinking that it could handle more than 2 devices plugged in at one time. Oh how I was wrong!!!

    I'm looking for a good quality, good looking USB hub that can handle 4 devices connected to it:

    • Apple keyboard
    • iPhone dock
    • Printer
    • Card reader

    I'm assuming that realistically it needs to be wall-powered, but maybe someone else has found the right product that can charge their phone and still talk to a couple of other devices at the same time?

    Oh, and I don't want to pay through the nose for it. Is there the right product waiting for me somewhere out there? I look forward to hearing some responses!

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    Question by peteb4ker

I don't know how much longer this will last, but I ended up getting this Targus wall-powered 4-port USB hub for $8 bucks from amazon. It's got good reviews, it's half the cost of almost anything else I could find, and the USB lights do end up helping (they light up when a signal is received, so it lets me know when my printer is on).

Answer by Oliver Hulland

I have used the Targus and its good, but I also have a D-link and a Linksys that are much more durable and have 6-8 ports. Too many gadgets for a 4 port!

I have the Dlink in front of my main computer because the ports face the front for easy access. I have it stuck to my monitor base with self sticking Velcro so I can plug and unplug one handed and still remove it if I want.

The Linksys is hooked up to a laptop in our family room where I seldom unplug stuff. The ports are on the back while the lights are on the front...Looks much neater, but not so handy.

Answer by realtdog

I Just bought the Satechi 12 port usb hub. So far it's working like a champ. Has a simple lay flat design that allows you to vertically plug all but the most bulky pugs in with ease. It also has two switches that allow you to turn off six or all of the ports on the entire hub. The only thing I would complain about is that you will most likely need to by an extra usb cable to reach from your desktop to the back of your tower. I have used it with a Bluetooth adapter, wireless keyboard and mouse, charged and accessed I pod Touch, Blackberry, and eBook reader. Available from amazon.

Answer by reapper41

I am a huge fan of the Belkin 7-port powered hub.


It has 5 ports on the back, and 2 pointing vertically up (for USB sticks or other things you plug in temporarily). The geometry is such that you can actually stack another one on top and access all 4 vertical ports.

It comes with a surprisingly hefty power brick, and it powers everything I need.

-- Steven

Answer by stevenc

I have this D-link 7-port USB hub. Been using it for about 3 years now with nary a problem. Actually now that I think about I may have three, one at work, one on my home PC, and one on the HTPC. Hrmm...

About $25 from newegg.


Answer by learethak
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