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  • What is the Best Video Streaming Device for the money? I think the Roku and PS3 are at the top of the list but i am curious what others think

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    Question by killcablebill

Actually, I have both the Roku and the PS3. The Roku is upstairs in my wife's office-cum-sewing room, while mine is in my "mini-mancave" (aka my office). Both do everything I need (which, I confess, isn't a lot). The Roku has more channels available, both free and paid. If you also want to play games, then clearly the PS3 is the better choice (and the built-in BluRay player is a huge plus). On the other hand, the PS3 costs 2-3 times what a Roku will set you back, so that's a consideration as well.

However, here's a third option to consider: About the same time I got the Roku and the PS3, I also got a Sony 3D BluRay player with built-in wifi. Bingo! Streaming video (Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, et cetera), plus BluRay. Conveniently, it was priced right between the Roku ($100) and PS3 ($269 or thereabouts), at about $180. (The Sony DVD player is in the family room, hooked up to the large-screen TV.)

I opted for a 3D-capable DVD player, not because I have a 3D TV (I don't), but because I expect that eventually, I will—and 3D isn't going away.

So, bottom line is, assess your needs: If you only need video streaming because you already have a DVD player and don't need a game machine, then Roku. If you want games and a BluRay player, PS3. If you need a BluRay player plus streaming, a DVD player with built-in wifi.

Answer by steve hall

I could not agree more. This is right inline with my suggested steaming devices. The only thing I can think of adding is that you can get local channels in HD Using a Simple Indoor Antenna. The best one i have found is the Leaf. More at KilltheCableBill

Answer by killcablebill

Personally, I'm a big fan of Roku's boxes. I've been using them for years with highly satisfactory results. The new Roku 2XS (which I haven't tried yet) has Angry Birds built in, and I'd expect they'll be adding more games over time (though I suspect they'll be simple apps like you find on an iPhone, not the story- and graphics-intensive games you get with the PS3.) A nice feature of the Roku is that it comes with the Amazon channel built in. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can watch a portion of the videos Amazon has available for free (The library on Amazon seems largely the same as the streaming collection on Netflix.) You can also rent or buy movies for streaming from Amazon as well.

You might also consider the Apple TV, though I don't have any experience with it yet myself. (Apple typically makes excellent products.)

Answer by Bill Horvath II
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