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  • I have been using the same set of tools for years. Many pieces are missing. I've never really cared for it. What set of tools should I buy to meet my daily needs for odd jobs around the house? Looking for something with a good selection of included tools, well organized, well packed, well made, clever aspects are a plus.

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    Question by bowtieshark

I believe good tool sets are grown. In that light, find a good local tool store and get to know it. If it's a "good tool store" it'll be staffed by good tool people who will participate in your setting up a starting kit (probably specific to your home or whatever you work on most).

Then, as your needs evolve, you know where to go when your kit also needs to evolve.

(Beyond that, I find most pre-made "kits" limiting - all the pieces fit in a plastic framework that allows no additions. A good tool box or bag is just as important as what's inside it. Well, almost, anyway.)

A good tool kit you care for should rarely have pieces come up "missing". Remember that the tools you use most are also the best candidates for "missing" status, so keep your babies safe. Or look forward to ongoing opportunities to "upgrade".

Answer by wayne ruffner

I was thinking too that there are lots of tool kits that are grown: Household tool kits, mechanic's, computers (software/hardware), first aid, cooking, photography, sewing/knitting/quilting, sports - pretty much any activity can benefit from using a kit-mentality: Organization & mobility (cases, bags, boxes), quality-to-purpose, periodic evaluation/purging/upgrading, etc.

Answer by wayne ruffner
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