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  • I'm hanging my kayak from the ceiling of my garage, and I bought some cheap pulleys from Harbor Freight to setup a simple block & tackle style rig. It works, but the pulleys are relatively cheap, and they bind easily. I went to West Marine and looked at their pulleys which were significantly nicer, but were also around $25 each.

    I'd love a good recommendation for pulleys that won't break the bank. It's hard to tell what brands are good when you're looking online.


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    Question by allen watts

McMaster-Carr, of course.

Answer by wayne ruffner

Local swap meet or farmer's market. Pulleys run about buck for a cheap piece'o'crap to a double sawbuck for a hundred-year-old iron&oak job in perfect condition. You might have to come back once a week all summer to find the one(s) you want, but that's part of the adventure!

Answer by medievalist
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