HexArmor Hercules Heavy Duty Gloves


Puncture resistant hand and arm protection

I bought these for my husband about five years ago. I’m a member of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and these were included in an equipment briefing by Norwest Safety staff. HexArmor is used by public safety and emergency responders because it protects you from cuts and scrapes — including knives, broken glass, dirty needles, and other stuff you might find in debris. These have a better level of puncture protection than regular work gloves.

These are long gauntlets, so they protect your forearms as well as your hands. I find them wonderful for pruning roses, but in our area the big battle is against Himalayan blackberries, which are prolific, invasive, and have nasty thorns. These work really well on our own property and in the extensive volunteer land reclamation my husband does. My friend Jerry says they are also great for wrangling cats through unwanted baths.

-- Normandy Helmer 08/17/13