General Purpose Tools

Kraftform Kompakt 11 Screwdriver Set


IT screwdriver set

I work doing field repairs for laptops and PCs. My favorite tool for daily carry is the Wera Kraftform Kompakt. I’ve used this tool for about 5 years, And when I worked in a larger computer business I purchased one of these sets for each technician in the company.

The Kraftform comes with 10 well selected bits (philips, square, and torx) made from excellent quality tool-steel. Unlike cheap bits, these ones won’t disintegrate easily when you twist a stubborn screw. It also has an anti-roll handle with a comfortable grip, so it stays where you put it down and is easier to grip than similar harder plastics.

The driver also features a magnetic and physical quick-chuck that has never dropped a bit during my use. And the best part is that the entire set still fits nicely in my pants pocket.

The model 11 has Torx and Phillips and slot bits ideal for opening most Mac & PC laptops. I’ve repaired a great variety of things with this tool always at hand.

-- Adrian Neill 11/2/11