Setting Tile


Excellent guide to any home tile project

I checked this out of the local library when getting ready to tile a full bathroom floor and shower, and ordered my own copy before returning it. It’s not quite a reference, and it’s shorter than a bible, but it’s comprehensive.

The author does a wonderful job of explaining processes and tips. The information is presented logically, and is a pleasure to read. (This sets it apart from other how-to books that require multiple readings before you comprehend the information.)

I have remodeled one bathroom before finding this book and one after. It saved a lot of work and worry the second time around.

(I also recommend John Bridge Tile Forum for great FAQs and friendly advice.)

-- Dave Rudolph 06/28/13

(Author Michael Byrne also has a few tiling how-to videos at the Fine Homebuilding site. -- Mark Frauenfelder — editors)