Trixie Bike Multitool


Bike multitool for fixed gear riders

I’ve had a fixed gear bike for a few months, and on a friend’s recommendation, picked up the Trixie. Pedro’s has found a way to cram just about every tool needed to work on a fixed gear bike into one tool, whether it’s a roadside emergency or you are working on your bike in the garage.

It’s a lockring wrench – fixies have a lockring that keeps the rear cog in place. Prior to owning the Trixie, I went through every tool I had in my garage in an attempt to tighten a loose lockring. I ended up on a trip to the bike shop.

It’s a 5mm Hex wrench – useful for handlebar and seat adjustments, and the jackposts for a water bottle cage. I hear it can be used on brakes too, although no self-respecting fixie rider uses them.

It’s a 15 mm box wrench – you need one to tighten the tires to the frame. No quick-releases on my bike!

It’s also an 8, 9, and 10 mm box wrench thanks to the slot in the handle. The 8mm is handy for chain tensioning, but I haven’t needed the 9 or 10mm yet.

It’s durable – 5mm thick treated steel – and portable. It can be mounted on the water bottle jackposts and comes with wingnuts to replace the jackposts if you so desire. I personally secure mine to the underside of the seat.

Lastly, and most important, is the included bottle opener, so you can reward yourself after the job and ride are complete.

09/30/13 -- Art Provost