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  • Last year I installed a Racor Pro HeavyLift in my garage to remove/store my Jeep Wrangler Sport hard top and it works great! But so far I'm doing the manual crank thing with the winding pole which can be quite a chore, especially when I want to the lower the top all the way to the ground for cleaning.

    I have the supplied drill adapter that would take the grunt work out of this, but it requires a drill with a 1/2" chuck.

    Is there an adapter that would allow bits that require a 1/2" chuck to work in my almost-daily workhorse Milwaukee M12 driver (oh, I dearly love this baby!) that uses 1/4" hex bits? I've found plenty of inexpensive options like the Rockwell RW9275 but none that go beyond 3/8".

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    Question by rodaniel

I purchased the \"TEKTON 2902 Power Driver Extension Socket Adapter Set\" from Amazon and it works well. The local hardware store or home center should have something similar.

Answer by jims

Jims, I do already have a set of these driver adapters that are great for using standard sockets with my driver. But I’m looking for an adapter/check that will allow me to use up to a 1/2” drill bit with my driver.

Something like the Neiko 20754A 3/8-Inch Conversion Chuck for Impact Drivers would be ideal – but the chuck capacity needs to go to 1/2” instead of just 3/8”.

Answer by rodaniel

The lack of the converter you’re looking for is just the manufacturers’ way of suggesting that driving a 1/2” chuck with a 1/4” or even 3/8” drill motor isn’t a very good idea–you’ll overtax your drill motor. The universe is trying to tell you it’s time to move up to an 18 volt system.  ;-)

Answer by dave367

Something like the PORTER-CABLE PCCK600LB 20-volt 1/2-Inch Lithium Ion Drill/Driver Kit would be ideal, You can check it here.

Answer by thetoplistzone

I don’t quite understand why you need a 1/2” capacity chuck specifically. All you need is some way to grab on to the winding crank, and there is no way it is 1/2” in diameter. It is more like 1/4”. More likely they are just telling you, like a previous commentor says, that you need a powerful drill, of the type that usually come with 1/2” chucks. If it were me, I would get a cheap 3/8” corded drill (not cordless), maybe a used one, and dedicate it to this purpose. Corded drills tend to be cheap and powerful. And because I enjoy this kind of thing, I would think about replacing that wiggly winding crank with something better, maybe with a shaft or pulley system, or maybe just mounting a power drill permanently to the Racor, and running a power cord down to a switch. 

Answer by kokothetalkingape

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