• a cutting tool for furniture foam as puppet heads

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  • Ok, so first off I'm the kind of weird guy interested in making his own DIY puppets. I've talked to lots of people, but still haven't come into a satisfying answer.

    I have a load of furniture foam that I can stack and glue into the proper shapes, and I'm a relatively skilled artist. I've had, interestingly enough, the electric turkey carver a la Rocky Horror Picture Show highly recommended, but I hoping there is something non-plug-in-ish that I can pick up.

    I'm pretty sure the hot wire tools used for cheap styrofoam projects just melt furniture foam.

    I spent about 30 minutes at Home Depot this weekend debating the merits of various pull-cut PVC saws.

    Greatly appreciated.

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    Question by aaronhess237

The best thing ever for cutting furniture foam is an electric carving knife. Very little mess and the phrase "hot knife through butter" has never been more aptly applied.

Answer by hjh2

How about a coping saw? Thin blade, lots of teeth, no plug.

Answer by citizens unite

Foam and fabric stores use a variation on an electric carving knife for their cutting. I have picked up a number of electric carving knives at flea markets for about $3 each, as I cut scraps of foam into cubes for foam pits (for gymnastics). They work better tan anything I have tried on all kinds of soft foam. Not well suited for spherical cuts however....

Answer by speculist

I use the fine tooth side of a japanese Ryobi saw, but it doesn't work as well as I'd like and requires a bit of skill. Pretty bad for everything but straight cuts, so I use a fresh single edge razor blade for anything complex. It's not a satisfactory system at all!

Answer by bugmenot
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