• A gas can that doesn't suck (or leak)

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  • I need to keep 1-2 gallons of diesel oil in my trunk, because my gas gauge doesn't work - despite keeping a mileage log and filling up regularly I have at times run out or come very close to running out (and then used the fuel in my trunk) - in part because diesel isn't available at all gas stations. I've bought and used and tossed several gas cans because they all leak when trying to dispense the fuel into my car. The reason is that the fuel neck for my car is sized for a diesel pump handle, and gas can nozzles with their automatic fuel dispensing mechanisms are designed for openings sized for a gas pump handle.

    So what I want is an old-fashioned type of fuel can, that doesn't have any plastic and spring automagic fuel dispensing nozzles, just a plain old nozzle, you remove the cap, you put the nozzle in the tank, you turn the fuel can over, and pour. But I can't find one anywhere! If you have found a can like this can you share the make/model info, and where you bought it?

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    Question by jcdill

The CARB emmission requirements are making gas cans that work harder to find. I don't have pesonal experience with these but have been considering upgrading to a safety can like those made by Justrite Mfg. or Eagle Take a look they might meet your need, espcially since you want to put this in your trunk. There are models gears toward diesel specifically.

You can get these on amazon, northern tool, hardware stores, etc

Answer by joshg

I don't know the configuration of your trunk or what your space restrictions are, but the first thing I thought of was a military NATO "Gerry" can. It's sturdy metal, can be used with a spout and holds 5 gallons. You can find them at most military surplus stores.

Answer by big mike

I don't need nor have room for a 5 gallon can. That's part of the problem.

Answer by jcdill

I have to agree with Joshg above. Since the government involvement of the manufacture of one of the most simple of items - a gas (fuel) can, cans that are available to the ordinary consumer have all been ruined in an attempt to make them more 'green'. The best thing I've found since is the Justrite or Eagle Type 1 safety can. These cans are not cheap, but it appears that they've not been ruined with junk to make then vent (leak) correctly. Look arouund at Northern Tools or Gempler's for the Yellow (diesel) 1 or 2 gallon versions. Good luck

Answer by philntex

Jcdill, BTW, I just came across the Rotopax brand and although they are not cheap, they have a friendly shape that may make them the best choice for you. They also sell spouts that may make your existing items more useful too. [link text][1]

[1]: http://www.rotopax.com/Diesel/ Rotopax Diesel

Answer by philntex

@jcdill, I'ave been very happy with the nospill.com brand of gas cans. Others are right: the CARB rules have made cheap functional gas cans very difficult, and California's CARB rules now apply to all of the US. The no-spill brand seem particularly reliable and have a second cap for a more positive seal. See the review earlier this year on the main cool tools list.

The only alternative for approved containers that are not CARB compliant are single-use emergency containers. The one I saw was itzagascan.com. Those are not designed for ever storing fuel; it doesn't sound like a solution for you.

Answer by floatingbones

Something to ponder. Diesel engines aren't like gas engines. You may get by running out and re-filling but not always. You may have to re-fill, bleed the supply line from the transfer pump to the injection pump, bleed each port on the injection pump, bleed each injector and then see if it will start. This may take more than 2 hands and any number of tools. You might want to get the guage fixed.

Answer by keith
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