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  • I'm looking for a 16g USB stick. My last one was a whopping 1g, which doesn't seem to cut it today. There are thousands out there, not to mention the no-name versions. I'd like something sturdy, that I can just throw into my bag or a pocket. Preferably compact with a cap or slider. These devices seem to have become a staple item for trading data. What do people recommend?

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    Question by petter

I've been really satisfied with the Sandisk Cruzer that I picked up at Costco for around $20. It comes with 100 free digital prints, which is actually great since I really like Costco's photo department.

There are more gadgety USB sticks, but this one is solid, doesn't have the cap to lose (it slides into its own case), and comes from a reputable company.

If you're looking for something that you'll always have on you, check out the Lacie iamaKey which is a bit more expensive but has the added bonus of easily slipping on your keychain.

Answer by Oliver Hulland
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