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  • I need to upgrade the RAM in a 2008 aluminum MacBook and tried opening the case with a tiny cheapo #00 screwdriver that I've had forever. It might've stripped a screw. I've tried looking for "good" or "best" screwdrivers through Google without any luck. Anyone here have an answer?

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    Question by jseliger

"It" might've? What a naughty screwdriver. The first thing to look for in a better one is one that fits. The right size cheapo screwdriver will outperform the wrong size "good or best" one. Are you sure you're using the right size?

Answer by dave
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For dealing with small delicate screws like you have requested help on: I use a Facom AEFP.00x35 daily for work. It is plastic handled screwdriver in a watchmakers style. Facom AEFP.00X35 I also use a Bergeon watchmakers screwdriver at home on my own small screws (watches, AV kit) but they are really expensive for a one-off or low use tool.Bergeon watchmakers

Answer by halfwheel

I've been using

Answer by rich h
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Teeny Turner by Picquic. For those who wish to get a bigger handle, the small bits fits perfectly in their Multique screwdriver.

I'm using Picquic screwdrivers for the last 20 years or so (and I'm still using my very first one occasionnaly). When working at a customer site, I only carry in my pouch a Multique (default bit is Philips #2) and a Sixpac Plus (default bit is Robertson #2). Since the size of the handles are different, I know without looking at them which one I need for the task I'm doing.

Answer by sforget

I really like the wiha "system 4" it saves space and has a lot of bit choices. I have screwdrivers and torx that I use all the time on small electronics. The "Drive-Loc" system is great for when you need lager size bits. If you are simply looking for a 00 screwdriver then the Phillips Precision 261 Series part number 26100 is what you are looking for Bill

http://www.wihatools.com/pro_System4.htm http://www.wihatools.com/200seri/281_Driveloc_Blades.htm http://www.wihatools.com/200seri/261serie.htm

Answer by bill george

I also like the Wiha screwdrivers that Bill mentions, but I have a set of six that I bought at a local electronics store for !2.00 though on their site it's double that http://www.wihatools.com/special_10.htm I have used this set to take apart and put back together Apple many laptops going back to the old TiBook. I like the individual set better than and interchangeable bit system for this job because sometimes I don't want to stop and swap bits. That is a matter of choice, but these are excellent tools.

Answer by zra

The Husky set reviewed here is good:

Husky 8-in-1 Precision Screwdriver http://kk.org/cooltools/archives/003836.php

Answer by mark12b

Thanks for the advice—I went for the Wiha, and it worked.

@Dave—I am sure, and it's even labeled as such. The 00 screwdriver I had, however, came with an external HD enclosure and has never worked quite as well as I'd hope.

Answer by jseliger

I use a set of precision screwdrivers from [Cooper Hand Tools].[1] They're really well made and fit most of the fiddly sized laptop screws.

Answer by William Johnson

ifixit has really good tools for use with a wide variety of electronics: http://www.ifixit.com/Tools#0-Screwdrivers+and+Nutdrivers

Answer by itsrob

It may require a SAMLL screw set - you can usually find these at home depot or lowes or radioshack or best buy , read reviewed here is good:

Answer by mybestdegrace

I  like the DEWALT  screwdrivers, more here, It will help you.

Answer by thetoplistzone
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I don’t know where it is, but i definitely looking for it. Its sounds amazing run 2

Answer by johnnycash12
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