• Best 3D printer for hobbyists?

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  • I'm a fan of 3D printing, and have been debating which model to purchase (or build) for simple projects at home. I know about most of the open source variants (reprap, fab@home, etc.), but I'm curious to know what others think.

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    Question by Bill Horvath II

I believe that Ben Heck made his own and addressed some of the interesting points about the RepRap and the MakerBot. The biggest thing I remember about his comments on them were about the area constraints you have to work with. I don't have one personally (would love to get one, but they are a bit pricy for my blood currently)

Answer by levi mefford

The latest from makerbot seems to have fixed many issue with the previous model. I know one person that has both. The latest had fewer build and test issues to get it going.

Answer by mpechner

I have built a RepRap Mendel (Prusa Build). The build is quite straight-forward and there are a number of good pre-assembled kits for some of the electronics components for those that are less inclined to assemble their own circuit boards. For more details on the build and to get a complete (free) Bill of Materials check here: http://reprap.org/wiki/Prusa

Answer by adamjh8882
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