• best biofeedback machine for home use?

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  • I'm looking for a biofeedback machine that would ideally tell me my temperature and heart rate. I'd pay more for something super amazing but otherwise would prefer to save as much money as possible. Has anybody tried any models they've liked? How do they stand up over time?

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    Question by gilsonal

It depends on what you are trying to achieve through biofeedback - I'd suggest you look at HeartMath if you are interested in heart rate - they have done some very advanced research on the heart and it's relationship to our well-being and have developed some products as a result - http://www.heartmath.com/technology-products/product-finder.html.

Re. temperature again it depends on why you want to monitor this - at the simplest level an ear thermometer will give you an accurate reading.



Answer by stublack
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