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  • I've always been of the opinion that traditional razors give a better shave than electric razors. However, after having a heart attack last week, I've been put on warfarin (coumadin), a blood thinner, and now need to find a shaving method that will not cut me the way regular razors sometimes do. I've been told that electric razors fit that bill.

    I'd be much obliged to get some cool recommendations.

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    Question by josh simons

I use a Norelco Sensotouch Electric Razor 1280X that I purchased via woot. It isn't perfect, but it is pretty good. I have little to no issue with cuts, only occurring if I go too fast and push into my skin too hard. My main complaint is that there seem to be certain hairs on my face that is just does not want to cut, especially along the jaw line. That said I like that I can use it wet or dry and that I only need to spend a few minutes each morning to get a decent shave. I doubt it will ever be good as a normal blade, but the time saved has been worth the switch.

Answer by charrles

I've never gotten cut with my Braun Series 5 razor, and I have sensitive skin. The self-cleaning system is great too. I've had it for about 3 years.

Answer by gotmigs

The panasonic foil types are amazing - I've tried the braun/norelcos and the panasonic is my hands down favorite. The fact that it moves the blades so quickly really makes it pain-free and easy to shave. Some models (like the one I have) are also waterproof so you can use it in the shower. Personally, I think I can get a shave as close with an electric as i can with a traditional - maybe takes a bit longer.

(see this for an example: http://goo.gl/XspV4)

Answer by michael drob

I've since switched back to blades, but I had great luck for many years with a series of Panasonic wet/dry shavers. I generally shaved in the shower, with a little shave gel. I can't recall EVER getting cut, even a nick. I never bothered with the pivoting heads -- but I did like the triple blade one with the pop-up trimmer.

Also, if you're switching from a blade to electric (or vice-versa), give your beard about a month to "train" itself. Don't make a call about what's smoother after just a week.

Answer by aweiss

I have an older Braun, a 7505, that I have used for over 10 years, and I am completely satisfied with it's performance. I do replace the cutter head, and foil(they come packaged together, I found mine at target), about every 3-4 years, and it gives an almost blade-like shave consistently, without cuts, or burns. I'm sure the new models are just as capable, and probably have improvements. If my razor ever does quit working, I will have no qualms about purchasing another Braun to replace it.

Answer by blair

I have a Panasonic travel electric razor that does quite well enough. Use it regularly to get a fully presentable shave. I've never managed to cut myself with it. This particular model (ES3831) is very inexpensive, uses two AA batteries (pretty good life), and is waterproof enough to use in the shower. Got it at Walmart online for less than $15 delivered. Fry's also sells it in store for about the same price.

Answer by tim escobedo

I've been using the Panasonic Arc IV for about six months. Before that I had used a blade for a year after growing frustrated with my older electric, a Braun.

The Arc IV is awesome. Used dry, it's better than any other electric I had used in the past. Used wet, it's nearly as smooth as shaving twice with a blade (to get my smoothest shave with a blade, I always had to shave once down, relather, and once up). It's much smoother than shaving once with a blade, and far smoother than any other electric dry. It's much less likely to nick, and I seem less prone to bumps.

I shave in the shower. My process is to wash my face in hot water. I then apply conditioner (Trader Joe's hair conditioner with tea tree oil) and let it sit for a minute. I rinse that, apply shaving cream, and shave. It's a great, smooth shave every time.

I couldn't part with it. It's the first home shaving experience in my 22 years of shaving that's left me truly pleased.

Answer by Nick Curran

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Answer by tooonyg
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