• Best guide for raising rabbits for food?

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  • Best guide for raising rabbits for food? Book, youtube channel, app?

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    Question by kevin kelly

When I raised rabbits, I got started with these two books: Raising Rabbits Successfully, by Bob Bennett (he has since written more rabbit books); Official Guide Book Raising Better Rabbits & Cavies, by The American Rabbit Breeders Association. I believe both are still available online.

Answer by willcvngtn

The United Nations came out with a guide to rabbit husbandry as a means to improving the nutrition of third world diets. It works just fine in the first world as well. This is easily one of the most thorough guides to rabbit husbandry available, although the tone is a bit dry.

The book is freely available here: The Rabbit - Husbandry, Health and Production

Answer by eipi10

Great. I'll try the free one first.

Answer by kevin kelly

A comprehensive video on raising, breeding and slaughtering rabbits in an urban environment: Survival Library

Answer by dtom

Some time ago I was working in Malawi,looking at prison conditions and trying to introduce various programmes to make more nutritious food available to prisoners. One of the programmes we looked at was the extension of one that had been trialled elsewhere. The manual they produced is available here http://www.penalreform.org/publications/rabbit-production-guidelines-malawi-prison-service-0.

Although quite basic I found it very straightforward, quite thorough, easy to understand and less dry than some of the more academic books available.

Answer by george

George, thanks fot the tip!

Answer by kevin kelly

I got this book for the chicken section, but found the half about rabbits to be very informative and straight-forward. It was first published in Britain during the war. Raising Rabbits and Poultry on Kitchen Scraps. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0141038624

Answer by kdelap

don't eat those guys, they won't eat you

Answer by bob3232

The most comprehensive book for raising rabbits is Rabbit Production by Cheeke, McNitt, Lukefahr and Patton. There are multiple editions and all of the editions are pricey so you might want to check it out at the library before purchasing (don't forget about interlibrary loan if your local library does not have a copy). Just a warning - this is a textbook so if the thought of reading chapters on production gains with different nutrient levels makes your eyes cross you might want to start with Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits (4th edition) by Bennett which is a great book to get you started with your backyard rabbit hobby - it includes chapters on choosing breeds, building housing, feeding and breeding. If you plan on processing your rabbits yourself you might want to pick up a book on butchering like Basic Butchering of Livestock & Game by Mettler.

Answer by cpp

Rabbits are fun to raise except when you have to go out and take care of them at 10 below zero. Considering this is the exception rather than the rule, we'll assume that, generally speaking, they are fun to raise. You may have different reasons for raising them - enjoyment, education, business, show, laboratory, meat, fur, and the bi-products they produce, such as fertilizer and fishing worms.

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Answer by mokbul
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