• Best indoor OTA antenna for HDTV

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  • If you've tried different models, what is the best or recommended INDOOR antenna for receiving OTA signal on a HDTV?

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    Question by hobbes

Antennas Direct Clear Stream 2 - long range HDTV antenna I've tried the table tops (Terk) and there is a narrow range before you get some interference. I mounted the Clear Stream 2 in the antic and lined it up in the general direction of the transmission source. Since installation, I have not made any adjustments. Comes with 50 feet of cable. I would add a splitter so that another HDTV can be added in the future. Takes longer to unpack than to set it up.

Answer by gryhze

1 Selling Antenna on Amazon is the Leaf Indoor Antenna

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Answer by killcablebill

In our living room, I have a "flat" hdtv antenna, not unlike this RCA model from Amazon. It works okay, if it is set high up above the TV (the straight line to our metro stations is behind a hill). My wife hates the antenna protruding above the TV, and invariable puts it in the "correct" spot, until there is a show she really wants to watch and the reception is terrible.

But, the best OTA digital antenna was made from wire coat hangers and scrap lumber. It's ugly, but I have one hidden in the rafters in the basement, and it consistently outperforms the commercial set top antennas I have tested. The reception is always clear, and I know that it is sitting in a worse location than my flat antenna upstairs. If you could hide it near your TV, I would spend a few bucks and try to make one. (You can find several versions by googling "coat hanger antenna," including this video).

Answer by jon whitehead
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