• Best plastic food storage container set?

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  • I'm looking for a somewhat large set of food storage containers (10 containers or more). Ideally, they'd be plastic, for weight, size, and durability concerns, and have a tight seal. Hopefully, microwavable, dishwasher, and freezer(?) safe. Nesting would be great too, as well as a having wide variety of sizes, from small portions to 4-quart sizes or bigger.

    Originally, I had found some Lock&Lock sets on Amazon like this, but they seem to be disappearing and no longer in production.

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    Question by brody
Answer by wayne ruffner

They are available direct from the manufacturer - http://www.locknlockplace.com/food-containers/set.html

Answer by esemay

Hands down I prefer RubberMaid Premier food storage containers -- the lids stack, tomatos and oils don't stick AS MUCH, dishwasher safe, rugged, seal great (no leaks!). Kinda expensive but much better than the throwaway cheaper ones....

Answer by akaladybug

Best ones by far, I've found, are Snapware. I didn't come to this conclusion alone, I got this recommendation from the magazine Cook's Illustrated. From time to time, they answer cooking and food-related questions, similar to ones posted here. Altho there are many brands of plastic food storage containers - Rubbermaid, Pyrex, Oxo, even Ikea - Snapware stands out. Best feature for me is the great seal. I found them on Amazon and at Costco. FYI, these also come as glass containers with plastic lids. All plastic is BPA free polypropylene.

Answer by veekay

Your search ends here my friend, just sneak a peek on to The L.A. Table that not only has a vast collection but there dinnerware and crockery are quite stylish and beautiful. They have all kind of dinnerware set along with spoon, forks, napkins, cups, bowls and lot more.

Answer by jacknewton

I repent and retract my statement about Rubbermaid premier plasticware. In the past 2 or 3 months SEVERAL of the containers have cracked (some completely thru). We now own several lids and few containers. Looking at the rubbermaid site today I found this to be the case for many people. I am SO disappointed!


Answer by akaladybug
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