• Best world phone for travelling abroad in Bangladesh?

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  • I need to get my girlfriend a cell phone that will work in Bangladesh. Any suggestions? What are the most important things to look into to make sure it will be compatible?

    I'd like it to be cheap, with decent battery life. No need for a color screen, or any other features (although SMS would be nice).

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    Question by Oliver Hulland

The Motorola F3 is a very cheap, reliable and robust phone that has great call clarity and excellent battery life. The screen is eInk, like a very basic Kindle. This means the screen is easily readable in bright sunlight. Its features are EXTREMELY basic, though it can send and receive SMS and has an address book. Sending and reading SMS messages can be sort of annoying on it.

I also personally think it looks pretty stylish. Many people have thought that mine was much more expensive than it really is.

The GSM version should work in Bangladesh, although I've never been there to try it, they have a GSM network there so I think it would be compatible.

Answer by riazm

Ask your girlfriend to look around locally. They may well have inexpensive but good phones available! I bought a GSM phone in Vietnam (Nokia! Good stuff!!) and when it broke, the Nokia distributor fixed it at no cost other than the 1 hour total wait and repair time! Another advantage of buying locally (beside it probably being cheaper!). If she finds the absolutely cheapest local product and it breaks, it makes a good paper weight, or a missile to throw at rowdy kids / barking dogs / whatever.

Answer by lduvall
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