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  • I'm looking for a clock radio for everyday use (plugs into the wall) that ALSO has a crank and can be hand charged in emergencies, and can be used to charge USB devices like a cell phone.

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    Question by jcdill

Eton makes several crank USB chargers http://www.etoncorp.com/

Answer by james thompson

The Grundig FR200 is your best bet for an occaisional use/emergency use radio, with an alarm clock. You'll never be able to hand-crank enough to run a cell phone. Cell phones are HUGE energy hogs. Radios use very little, by comparison--no moving parts, and they merely receive, not broadcast. If you want a backup power source for your cell phone, the Goal0 12301 Nomad 7M Solar Panel is the best.

Answer by courtney ostaff

I looked into hand-cranked units for charging cell phones but there was nothing that seemed to work. The day before Irene arrived I remembered that the battery jump kit I keep in my garage has a USB port and a 12-volt power plug on it. During the day and a half we were without power we used it to keep our phones and iPad charged. It worked like a charm. One more reason (besides the occasional need to jump start a car) to keep one of these things handy.

Answer by bishophicks

Ideaforge in India makes an inexpensive product (less than USD 10), that works well, too!


Answer by petertheobald

"Ideaforge in India makes an inexpensive product (less than USD 10), that works well, too!


Any idea where I can get one (or more) of these to ship to the USA for less than $25/each? Greatly appreciated.

Answer by wylde21
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