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  • I've got lots of great tools but only dollar store level nail clippers; I'm tired of poor cuts and slippery grips. Who makes something worthy of inclusion as a true Cool Tool?

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    Question by wayne r

Seki Edge clippers are pretty good. They are at least sharp and cut cleanly. Given the price I sure hope they stay sharp and last a while. Amazon

Answer by itsrob

I bought a "Feather PaRaDa" nail clipper from West Coast Shaving many years ago, and haven't looked back. Several friends who've see mine have bought their own, and also love them. Several things make this clipper superior -- it definitely cuts better, stays sharp longer, and contains the finger nail clippings more effectively than cheap versions.

The small size is good for women's fingers, medium is good for men's fingers and for everyone's toes, and the large must be for giants -- I've never seen it. This is definitely a Cool Tool, and really deserves a better/longer write up than this comment.

Answer by ash2

Ha! I actually was thinking of reviewing one I consider to be Cool Tool worthy, so here you go:

Note first, I use toenail clippers only -- haven't owned fingernail clippers in years; they are just harder to hold and to my opinion cut no better. It also means one less thing to possess.

Revlon makes a clipper (or did; mine is now I think 6 or 7 years old, and going strong) that comes with a black plastic casing; that case is removable, but only if you want to remove it -- it stays on in use. The case feels like the kind of material that some modern handguns are made from. In other words, highly and happily overqualified.

I thought that case would make it awkward, so I can't explain why I bought it. (Probably it was all I could find when I needed a new clipper, and figured I'd just discard the case.) However, instead, it makes a very nice, holdable grip in my own butterfingered hands. The case does as good a job as can be expected at containing the clippings, too. Not perfect, in other words, but darn good -- a few strays must be attended to, but mostly they're captured neatly, so you don't have to worry about hunting for snippets of mail in the carpet.

The bad news is, trawling through Amazon I can't find this version (with case), though the clippers inside are as far as I can tell totally run-of-the-mill Revlon toenail clippers. If I ever see these for sale again, I may stock up. (Something I've never before thought about nailclippers.)


Answer by timothy lord

I finally managed to get both a Feather PaRaDa (medium) and a Seki Edge. They're both good, but I have a preference for the Seki model.

What really put me off the Feather model was that the pin that fits under the lever handle was much narrower than the gap for it in both the body and the lever. The Feather has a nice file in the handle, much better than what you can typically find in these things. And it's got a wrap-around sort of capture shield to keep shrapnel contained.

The Seki Edge's body shape seems to me, with a curved lower profile, to be more controllable, less slippery. And the lever pin is itself pinned through the lever handle (rather than a hooked pin), so it's not coming apart. I think that's good, you may think differently.

Both are nice, both are long term values, both are Japanese. Since I "started" this question, I figured it was on me to compare the top contenders. I lean toward the Seki Edge but if I had either (and not the other), I'd be happy.

Answer by wayne ruffner

Has anyone used toplnox or niegeloh clippers? I watched an episode of "how its made" and saw how much better these are manufactured over the simple stamped/cheap clippers.

Answer by bivaterl

Revlon, revlon, revlon

Answer by anirudh moudgal
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