• Cracked Plastic Sunglass frame, how do I fix?

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  • Recently, a pair of sunglasses fell off my head and the frame cracked in the top right corner. I couldn't find a small (quite small, the size of a bb) piece of the rounded "corner" of the frame but it seems like I could use epoxy or something to seal it and fill in the small chunk of frame thus fixing my beloved shades. To note, the frame is black so ideally whatever I use would be black, or could be colored post-repair.

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    Question by william

Two-part epoxy and rubber bands to hold the glasses together while the glue dries. JB Weld should work, and it's paintable. Keep everything very clean while working - I'd clean the area to be glued with alcohol or toluene and let it dry thoroughly before gluing it up.

Answer by bugmenot

I've successfully used Sugru to repair the arms of my sunglasses. It's a little bit more expensive, but it seems to hold up better than some of the other epoxies I've used in the past. The only downside is the texture is rubbery, but I kind of like it. Since it sets over time and is malleable for up to 30 minutes after you've opened the package it should allow for a bit more customizability as well.

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Answer by Oliver Hulland
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