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  • I'm about to start a new job and will be hot desking (in the realms of IT Projects/Management Information). What sort of things would you include in your 'digital nomad' kit? Laptop is a given, everything else is up for discussion. I am hoping to keep it as lightweight and minimal as possible. There are quite a few items already included in the Cool Tools site, but what items in your desk drawer would you really miss if you had to work on a bean bag?

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    Question by luke brunning

This might be vain, but I keep a little pocket camping mirror and a pack of mints in the desk drawer - before i go to a meeting I make sure I'm presentable and grab a mint. It may not make much difference but it seems considerate to others and fights the 'unkempt IT guy' stereotype. If I had a bag instead of a desk I'd do the same.

Also, depending where you're sitting you might want to consider headphones that don't leak a lot of sound: http://www.marco.org/2010/11/30/not-being-that-guy-whose-music-you-hear-on-the-subway

Answer by itsrob
Answer by christopher

The thing that keeps my bag lightest is probably the ability to avoid a lot of paper. I use graph paper steno pads & mechanical pencils for the usual, but embracing PDF files, internal "PDF printer" and a slim scanner (USB), pretty much keeps paper at bay.

There are lots of open source PDF solutions. I use CutePDF, iCopy (scan & print to CutePDF) and PDFSAM most.

Answer by wayne ruffner
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