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  • Anyone have a suggestions for a good Double Boiler? The one that comes up on the Cool Tools site is more of a steam juicier. I'm looking for something to slowly heat milk for yogurt. The one I've jury rigged one I've been using the nonstick is flaking and I'm afraid to use it any more.

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    Question by stevegolden

I use a big Pyrex or steel bowl over the appropriately sized pot. Works great (more surface area because of the rounded bottom) and I don’t have to own any monotasking pots).

Answer by rick

I make yogurt and cheeses, and after years of improvising, I found it worth my time and money to buy an inexpensive aluminum double boiler from China on Amazon.  It has served us well for over seven years, and paid for itself many times over in ease of use and excellence of home-made products we make for ourselves. By the way, if you are making yogurt or cheese, I recommend chemistry professor and civil rights activist David Fankhauser’s introductory cheese making webpage.  Since adopting his methods, I have not had a single batch go wrong– before it was at least one in four ruined. Good luck!

Answer by seasparrow
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