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  • My six year old son (who has Aspergers) finds very cold water to be very calming, and given kidney problems it's important that he drinks plenty.

    Unfortunately he would rather go without water if it's not ice cold. This leaves us with a constant rotation of half full water bottles in the freezer, but on hot days at school one bottle often won't last the whole day, and he also has a habit of chewing the plastic ends of all his bottles until they are unusable or fall off in pieces.

    I've looked at various insulated water bottles, however they either don't seem friendly for little hands (like the Avex Contigo, the closest I've found to what I'm after) or they have a nice rubber/silicon spout/straw that is guaranteed to get chewed to bits in a day. I'd also like to avoid a screw off lid, as it's just something to get lost or lead to spilled water.

    Can anyone suggest something that meets these requirements (insulated, durable, kid-friendly size, mouth piece/spout that won't get ruined)?

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    Question by Sean

Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottles are Wirecutter’s top pick. They have a kid’s line which includes a a double-wall, insulated version in 12 oz. version. (They also make 9 and 5 oz. sizes, but they are not insulated.) 

They also sell kid’s sippy caps and sports caps (with the pull-out stem). They are available separately, so if your kid chews through one, it is easy to replace.
They make a lid like a commuter cup, without a nozzle (so less to chew on), the Cafe 2.0, but it fits only on wide mouth models. There is a 12 oz. wide mouth bottle, but it is non-kid (meaning, not painted in bright colors). But the wide mouth is easier to get a brush inside for cleaning. 

They are very tough bottles, The downside is that the bottle costs $25, and each cap costs $6. 

I have had a 16 oz. wide mouth model for years. Bulletproof, and it keeps the drinks cold. I would get an unpainted model. Word is the paint flakes off with heavy use. 

Answer by kokothetalkingape

A similar option to Klean Kanteen which I love is HydroFlask.  It keeps water COLD all day, which is my favorite thing about it. There are a variety of sizes, colors and tops. I think the wide mouth flip top lid (which I have) would work for you, it’s made of hard plastic and would be very difficult to make a dent in with teeth. They’re also not cheap but very durable. 

Answer by jalana

My daughter is a water bottle chewer. Best solution for her has been the contigo *coffee* mug.  It doesn’t leak and can’t be chewed, yet it’s easy to drink from without removing the top.  For your purposes, it’s also insulated, although I haven’t tested its low-temperature retention.

Answer by jlmink

I bought this water bottle for myself and neither of my kids, 7 and 3, have difficulty using it (unless I really tighten the top). It keeps ice water cold for an entire day inside a car during summer here in Florida. It comes in multiple sizes, in 12, 17, 26 and 34 ounces (1 liter), but 17 oz seems to be the most commonly sold. It’s a little larger than most water bottles because it has a proper vacuum barrier, but it doesn’t leak or condensate (ever). I keep it in my bag with my laptop. It’s a Chinese OEM product and can be found under different brands and at different stores. I bought mine from TJMaxx, but I’ve seen them at JCPenny and Amazon. Here are some links to ones on Amazon (search: ”Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle”). Once you know the look, you’ll be able to spot them. Highly recommended. The colored models are painted and it chips off, btw.





Answer by harvey

I would recommend something from Yeti. I have the 20 oz tumbler. I can make ice water in it with cold water and there is still ice in it after 12 hours. It holds cold better than anything I’ve ever used. http://yeti.com/rambler/?gclid=CPrRkL7-5M8CFZRcfgod2vcOww


Answer by webwrangler
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