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  • The tang on all files I'm aware of are angled in a way that doesn't seem to keep file handles on. And you sure can't safely push a file without a good handle on it (unless you're using a C-clamp instead).

    I use my files just often enough to be frustrated every time one pops off when I'm using it. And these are "good" Nicholson handles I'm using.

    Anyone know of a (much better) solution?

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    Question by wayne r

If you want a permanent handle, an aluminum machined handle drilled to the larger radius of the file tang and affixed with JB weld is pretty indestructible.

Answer by chunk

If you can figure out how to drill a hole down the center of a 1" dowel (ideally you have a drill press), you can make a nice handle. Affix it with some epoxy like chunk suggests. I would file a few notches in the tang (the tail part; don't worry, it isn't hardened) to ensure a firm mechanical lock with the epoxy. Shape the handle with a rasp or something. Especially, round off the corners on the end of the handle.

Now that I think about it, I think a slightly resilient glue might be better. The metal file will shrink and expand with temperature changes, which will eventually loosen a rigid glue like epoxy. I have been playing with Liquid Nails in the little tubes (the clear version) and have been very impressed. It is like Shoe Goo but stiffer. Strong as all get out, fills gaps, and doesn't require clamping.

Answer by kokothetalkingape
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