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  • Just simple. What is the best tool for replacing flat tire. It shall not be too heavy and easy to use and reliable.

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    Question by lee

Your car comes with a tire iron and screw jack. What's wrong with that?

Answer by christopher

I just call my wife.

Answer by robert p

If you want something "not be too heavy and easy to use and reliable", stick an AAA card in your wallet.

Answer by dave

The best thing to buy is tire patching kit, needle nose pliers and a portable air compressor you can usually find the nail with the tire still attached and plug it and pump it back up, even my wife can do it!

Answer by tke248

Maybe what most people lack when changing a tire is practice: Where's the jack/iron/tire? Where do I put the jack under the car? Why'd I park in loose soil? Which way do I turn the nuts? How do I leave a message for my loved ones after I'm killed by oncoming traffic?

And don't buy crappy tires in the first place.

Answer by wayne r
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