• Flexible gutter that only bends laterally?

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  • There's a leak in the ceiling of a parking garage in one of the buildings I work in. It's right over a parking spot, and I want to redirect the water. The leak is coming through a crack that is the full length of the parking spot and is not a straight line.

    An ideal solution for redirecting the water would be a gutter that only bends laterally but not up and down - this way it could follow the crack and catch all the water. We already tried cutting a dryer hose in half but it's too flexible - we only have attachment points every three feet or so.

    I looked around on Google and some message boards, but couldn't find anything. Does it exist?

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    Question by kozemchuk

Use a CNC tubing bender to shape a 3-4 inch diameter steel pipe to match the crack. Slice it in half lengthwise, weld on end caps and a drain fitting. It should be rigid enough that attachment points every 36” will be adequate.

Answer by wallyb
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Drill a smallish hole at one or both ends of the crack. Unless the ceiling drops lower than those two holes, the water will prefer to come out there rather than along the length of the track. If the ceiling does sag, just drill a single hole at the lowest point.

Answer by gord
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