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  • I would like to purchase good, durable garden tools. My aim is to have a descent shovel, rake and hoe that won't break after one season.

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    Question by julie

razorback shovel

Answer by chloe501

Hi Julie,

Checkout Garrett Wade, especially the all-steel pro gardener shovels, the Super Penetration Shovel and this really cool cultivating hoe I just read about in This Old House. They have hand tools, too. Petra

Answer by petra

Julie - As far as I'm concerned anything made by Fiskars will be durable and lightweight. I use their pruning shears and small garden rake but based on their performance I wouldn't hesitate to buy anything they make. That said, I buy shovels and rakes cheaply at garage sales and use them until they break. Some last longer than others but by and large I get good value out of them. Emil.

Answer by kijito

I use some antique tools my father gave to me which were originally my grandfathers. Nothing fancy. A digging spade, a digging fork and a small fork that we call a teddie fork in Somerset but everyone else calls a border fork, plus a small mattock. Each one is about 80 years old. Fair enough the handles have been replaced a few times and the mattock must have broken in two at one point as its got a big weld across the blade but essentially they are old. I guess the closest you could come to them in the US is these from Garrett-Wade

I wrote quite a bit about them a while ago on flickr and on my blog

The tutor on my blacksmithing course told me antique tools are often of far better than modern ones as they use high quality steel which would be too expensive today.

I did buy myself a larger mattock similar to this one from Garrett-Wade a while ago. I find mattocks far easier to use to turn soil with as they put a lot less strain on my back.

Answer by rob_cornelius

My wife and I have a 1/2 acre garden and have an assortment of garden tools. For your basic shovel, spade, and hoe we have been using the same Craftsman (lifetime guarantee) for almost 15 years. We've tried a variety of other garden tools and an axe from Fiskars has held up well but other tools from Fiskars have not. Also, I have gone through 3 splitting axes, all from Lowe's, and still looking for a reliable one.

Answer by kevy

Hi Kevy, Garrett Wade has a range of splitting axes, mauls and wedges that are really top notch. Compare the price of the 3 unsatisfactory axes that you've tried to one good Wetterlings Axe and its easy to see where true value resides - as always, in dependable, well made tools. I'd recommend the Wetterlings Large Splitting Axe or the Heavy Duty Maul and Twisting Splitting Wedge.

But, I have my eye on the USA-made Mini Maul. Sweet. Petra

Answer by petra

Julie, if you buy a decent quality brand, like TrueTemper, and use it properly, it should definitely last more than a season. I have found good tools at Home Depot and Ace Hardware. But if you want to be sure of getting a good quality tool, I suggest checking Lee Valley (www.leevalley.com). Their gardening section sells great tools. They aren’t always cheap, but you can usually be sure that the tool you are looking at is one of the best.

Answer by alex63

I second Fiskars brand garden tools. They are well designed, durable and reasonably priced. I have not come across a Fiskars product that doesn’t have a lifetime warrantee as well.

Answer by casey

Maintaining them for a long time period requires a proper maintenance as well. Their are a lots of company that providing these tool but kindly go through their reviews before getting your hand into the deal.

Let me know if you need any other help regarding the garden maintenance and landscape designing.


Claren Celeroy

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Answer by clarenceleroy
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