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  • I'm an iPhone user (6)  and would like an app. that improves on iMessenges group text feature: simply want to add and subtract from and save Groups easily. The couple I've tried ( GroupMe  Text2Me ) show promise but seem amateurishly produces with quickly surfacing glitches.  I'm willing to pay but like the free inspection option that should work flawlessly to justify purchase. Perhaps some have experience with full paid apps or other providers that they can comment upon.

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    Question by redicliff

A chat program that has taken off in Korea is Kakao Talk. It works on different mobile platforms (I’ve used it on iOS and android), is free, and works from a desktop web browser as well. No ads. You can opt to pay for premium stickers/emoji, etc. but the free version has complete functionality. Adding people and groups is easy, but everyone in your groups needs to have an account.

Answer by ryanpeeler

My work group has been very happy using WhatsApp because it work seamlessly across all mobile platforms. We have 12 people with a mix of iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. WhatsApp lets us text (and call) and manage groups with ease.

I also know lots of folks who use it to communicate with friends and family overseas. WhatsApp seems to be ubiquitous around the world.

Answer by Jim
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