Yes, the Apricorn drive clone kits are as foolproof as things get. I've used them successfully for years and don't recall ever having a problem.

When I buy a new drive for a laptop, I get two matching drives. I clone the upgrade drive, swap it out with the existing drive. After the machine's upgraded and you're sure it's happy, clone it again with the duplicate new drive - now you have a good current backup. Repeat as necessary.

This is good both to protect against a dying new drive, but also to protect against laptop theft. Consider finding a duplicate machine on eBay for even more protection.

Answer by wayne ruffner

I've used that kit a couple times and it works perfectly with no fuss. Having paid less than $20 for it through Amazon, my current cost of $8 per HD swap is more than reasonable to save me the hassle of worrying about it myself.

Answer by chazlarson
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